DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Pinboard


I didn’t even wait to let the paint dry on this DIY before I sat down to post it here! I absolutely love how it came out and it was ridiculously simple to create.

To make this, you will need: 

  • 1 canvas (I used 50 x 40cm)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Sponge/ brushes to paint
  • Paper or cardstock for template
  • Ruler or measuring tape + something with straight edge
  • Newspaper to protect your work surface


It was a bit awkward for me to make my template, but essentially I printed it out as a large hexagon to start.

I connected the corners to find the centre, then measured out 1 inch on all lines. I connected the dots to make a hexagon 2 inches across. I cut this inner hexagon out to create a template.


I used white, blue and red to mix various shades of pink, purple and blue for my hexagons.

To create the pattern on the canvas, I lay down the template and marked hexagons all up one side. I used a watercolour pencil for this, but you can use a regular pencil. Mark lightly so that it won’t show through the paint later!P1160782.JPG

I used my measuring tape to mark out the tops and bottoms of all hexagons across the canvas. It will look like a pattern of 1 inch horizontal lines spaced 2 inches apart.

P1160789.JPGThen all you need to do is join all the lines to make hexagons! Start at the edge where you’ve already drawn hexagons up one side and work your way over so it’s less confusing.



It should look like this when you’re finished!

You can paint in whatever colour scheme works for you. I wanted to go for purples, blues and pinks, with some gold. I used the paintbrushes to mix the colours but prefer the finish that sponge gives on canvas.


I don’t have a sponge-tip brush so I used a regular old kitchen sponge, and it worked brilliantly. I cut it up into pieces to make it easier to use. Daub the sponge firmly onto the canvas, using the inside of the template you created earlier. I used paper, but yardstick would work better.

I love the smudgy, faded look you get when you apply more or less paint, and leave some spaces blank. This was my favourite part!





I finished by adding more of the pink watercolour pencil between the hexagons for more definition. You can use sewing pins or something more decorative to hold photographs, images, to-do lists, whatever!


It even looks cute as a piece of artwork in its own right!

Peace and Light,

Alanna xo

I have a feeling my friends are all going to get personalised inboards for their birthdays… ps, gifting this along with friend photos and inspirational quotes = extra brownie points.

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