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I have a story about these products.

My mom and I were walking into the supermarket for our weekly groceries, when I spied these two laying in an abandoned shopping trolley outside. I guessed they were empty, so strolled on past.

An hour later as we came out, my mom wandered over to the trolley “Oh no, someone forgot these!” She picked them up to discover they were both full, seals intact, and nobody had come to claim them… Well, what’s ¬†girl to do? We both agreed it was a gift from the universe, so we took them back to their new home in my bathroom.

Actually, I was shocked that they were just my taste, pretty clean ingredients and both smell heavenly.

Australian brand Sukin is vegan and carbon neutral, and dedicated to no animal testing. They use many delectable organic ingredients This body lotion is lime and coconut scented (although there is no lime in the ingredients). For those avoiding phenoxyethanol, give this a miss. It retails for AU$19.95 on their site.

Coconut Lime GoodnessIt basically smells like a Pina Colada and makes me feel like I’m on holidays in the tropics (instead of just living in the tropics?? I dunno – the holiday bit is important).

It’s pretty lightweight and sinks in well, but I always have to wash my hands after applying because I can’t stand them feeling even slightly greasy. Actually, I avoid hand creams entirely for that reason!

Next up: Natural Instinct‘s Relaxing Body Wash. Funnily, this also retails for AU$19.95 on their site!

Lavender & RosehipAs soon as I saw the scent was Lavender and Rosehip I knew it would be drool-worthy. It has that spa-like luxurious quality with the added bonus of beautifully gentle ingredients. This brand is dedicated to a high standard of natural ingredients – free from over 400 harmful chemicals.

It foams up well and gives and gives a sensuous shower experience, especially when you use a puff or loofah.

Needless to say, I love both of these products!

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