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Since I have been travelling for the past few months, I haven’t worn a stitch of makeup on my face. I am very comfortable in my skin and don’t feel the need to wear makeup all the time, especially when travelling and sweating in intense heat!! However, as soon as I begin to feel a little more settled, I get that same old hankering for my morning makeup routine. It’s such a soothing and familiar part of the day, so ritualistic.

Silk Naturals is an old faithful of mine: natural ingredients, loads of choice and very affordable. Waiting for shipping was agony and I tracked the parcel every day on the USPS site! It took 13 days to get here to Australia from NY. I thought that was pretty speedy, but at the time it felt longer…

Here is everything I got, and (no surprise) I’m thrilled to bits with everything.

Cream foundation, Peach concealer, Sleep in a jar
l-r: peach n40, foundation n20, siaj light peach

I was starting pretty much from scratch building up my makeup collection, so I got a bit of everything. These mini-reviews are based on first impressions. Starting with face:

HD Cream Foundation in N20, which matches pretty well but clings to dry patches. I applied with a buffing brush dampened with rosewater and that really helped application.

Peach HD Cream Concealer in N40. I picked up a darker shade purposefully to cancel out the purple under my eyes, which is pretty dark. Not as much coverage as I would like, but pretty good for a natural product and lovely consistency.

Sleep In A Jar is a product I’ve heard about for years, but never tried. I wanted a lightweight powder to set and add coverage over my cream concealer, and that’s what this does! So far, so good. Mine is in light peach.

Cherry bomb blush, Garter lippie
l-r: Garter lippie, cherry bomb blush (both sheer and full impact)

Cherry Bomb HD Cream Blush I used to own the neopolitan palette, which features this blush. I missed it so much I had to buy the full size. As you can see from the swatch, this packs quite a punch! I love it sheered out on the cheeks AND I also use it as a bright stain on the lips. It’s so frikkin’ moisturising and contains no glitter, just beautiful pigment.

Garter Velvet Matte Lipstick Looks scarier in the swatch than on the lips. I seriously lucked out on this one, it’s a gorgeous nude on me. My natural lip colour is more on the pink side and this has just enough pink undertones to look FAB on me. Nudes are very personal: one girl’s nude is another girl’s nasty.

The formulation is creamy, very inoffensive scent (I can’t stand scented lip products), sets matte and incidentally also makes a beautiful understated cream blush. It lasts a few hours and wears off really nicely, without leaving any obvious lines or weirdness on your lips.

All the shadows
Pressing kit!

Last but not least, I picked up some eyeshadows and a pressing kit! For some reason I can’t find the link for the kit on their site, so they may have discontinued it, but they do still sell the pans and pressing spray gel.

I’m not the biggest fan of loose shadows when it comes to application, but you can’t beat them for ingredients. Silk Naturals has such a wide range of shades and do excellent dupes for Urban Decay, MAC and Too Faced shadows.

As you can tell from the photos, I love my nudes! Browns, purples and warmer shades look best on me (I have green eyes and warm-brown hair).

alphabetical order r-l (watched without primer)

I bought 8 shades:

Analog – Dusty pink matte (dupe Urban Decay Limit)

Coal – Matte black

Coastal – Matte cream peach (dupe Too Faced Peaches’n’Cream)

Freckle – Rust brown (dupe Too Faced Puree)

Latent – light matte brown-taupe (dupe Urban Decay Naked 2)

Rendez-Vous – matte warm purple

Scene Stealer – gorgeous copper

Sunkissed – gold shimmer (dupe Too Faced Nectar)

I received limited edition shadow Redacted as a gift with purchase for spending over $10.

Stag was my free eyeshadow for spending over $35. It’s a dupe for UD Buck.

For some reason, I also received a full-sized Blanket Fort, which I’m presuming was an error, but I love the colour! I also got a tiny baggy sample of Shindig (black with pink-gold glitter).

I’ve never pressed shadows before and it took me almost 2 hours to press all these bad boys. Can’t wait to see how they turn out tomorrow!


This is me sporting foundation, concealers, cherry bomb as lippie and blush, latent as shadow and eyebrow powder.


And this is how it looks with the nude lipstick Garter instead!

Peace and Light

xo Alanna

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