DIY Headband: Easy Sewing

What’s better than a fast, fun, do-it-yourself accessory that instantly adds flare to any outfit? Not to mention one that tames flyaway and hides bad hair days..

Here are a few simple ideas to create statement headpieces. I’ve included 3 designs for knotted, looped and plaited headbands. Let’s get stitching!

You Will Need:

  • Stretchy Fabric (can be old shirts or scrap material, long enough to wrap around your head)
  • Sewing machine / Needle and Thread (you can also use an overlocker)
  • Scissors – fabric scissors, or the sharpest ones you have


Knotted Headband


I’ve made 3 of this style so far, I love it!

You will need a strip of fabric 7-10″ tallĀ and about 27″ wide. The width is your head measurement + 7″ for the knot. Make sure the fabric stretches width-ways, not up and down.

P1170340 P1170341 P1170342

Lay your fabric flat on your worktop, pinch the middle section and tie a loose knot where you pinched.


Fold in half and sew the two raw edges together using overlocker, sewing machine or hand sew.


Flip headband inside out so that the stitches are hidden on the inside. If you like you can fold together top and bottom raw edges and place a few stitches to hold in place.



Looped Headband


Depending how thick you’d like this headband to be, measure out 2 rectangles about 4″ by 21″ wide (depending on your head size)


Lay out the two pieces of fabric, fold both in half and then loop them together.

P1170326 P1170329Lay raw edges either side on top of each other so that they line up, then fold headband in half and sew all 4 edges together.



Flip headband right side out!




Plaited Headband


I love this fairy-esque headband.. it would look so cute if my hair was long enough to wrap around in milkmaid braids!


Begin with 3 long strips of fabric. Height will depend on how thick you want your braid (I used about 3″), length about 1.5 times your head measurement (this may take some experimentation!)

P1170352Pin together the 3 strands and plait it quite snugly together. You can gently tug the fabric so the raw edges curl and hide themselves in the braid.

Lay raw edges on top of each other, line up the edges and sew everything in place. Simple!



Peace and Light

Alanna xoxo


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