Update: Where have I been?!

Well, well, well… Long time, no see! I have spent the last busy month moving country, finding a job and apartment and buying furniture (we didn’t even have spoons!!). We are still awaiting the arrival of internet in our new place, but in the meantime I have popped in to the library to update you guys..


We left the sunny tropics to head south. I am currently in the amazing setting of South Island, New Zealand. It is well and truly winter here! It was so cold this morning that my hands stuck to the handlebars of my bike as I cycled to work in the cosy bakery by the beach. The saving grace of this freezing morning commute is the breathtaking views of mountains over the sea while the moon sets and the sun rises in a pink and golden sky. I share this view with the seagulls that coast along the drafts by the beach.. They know how good they’ve got it!

Beachy morning


Snow on the mountains

I can’t say that I miss the Australian heat, but looking through some of these photos gives my fond memories of lazy times on the beach. Meanwhile, I have been intensely knitting several pairs of socks. It’s my new obssession and I can’t get enough. The first few books that I borrowed from the library here were all knitting related! I learned when I was 8, in school, how to make a headband (it was too loose, then too tight.. eventually I got the tension right!)

My first pair!
Sock in progress
Sock in progress

I will soon be returning to a regular blog and youtube schedule, internet gets installed on thursday, whooppeeee! Even though I don’t currently own a laptop, I’m hoping the library computers can tide me over for a few weeks!

Misty mountains hiding...
Misty mountains hiding…

I’m starting everything from scratch, and it feels good to have a fresh leaf to turn over.


Until soon!

Peace and light,

Alanna xx

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  1. Woke up this morning, got ready for work, and just thought about all my recent life changes, in a semi state of panic. I forgot I subscribed to your blog, checked my email and saw this post. Instantly humbled by your ability to find yourself all over the world, in what seems like a seamless transition. Thank you!


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