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Celebrate The New Moon

The New Moon is on her way! This Thursday will be the first new moon of September, which is the beginning of Spring here in New Zealand. September has always represented fresh starts to me, possibly because of the back-to-school vibes. Now that I live in the Southern hemisphere, I can finally  celebrate the feeling of newness that September brings!!

The flowers are all waking up here, the world is adding shades of yellow, pink and white to the evergreen landscape.

I feel that this coming new moon is so auspicious because it also falls on the 1st September, kicking off the new month, new season, new moon cycle…  I love it when a plan comes together!

So, with the vibes of newness and sowing of seeds (incidentally, this is a great time to plant and sow seeds) I plan to honour the new moon with a ritual centred on new beginnings. It is a re-dedication time for me, a time to plan new endeavours and undertake new plans. Whenever I’m super organised, the new moon is a time that I sit down and write a list of intentions for the coming moon cycle. Like a list of New Year’s resolutions! Starting this month, I will be keeping a running list of short and long term intentions, and gearing my new moon intentions towards achieving the BIG ones (love, joy, courage, prosperity.. all that good stuff).

I like to think of my monthly intentions as little steps on the path towards my life dreams and ambitions. Staying open to the present moment and reacting to what is called for in the now will always do wonders to shape a brighter future. Having said that, there are usually dreams that we nurture in our hearts but have no idea how to manifest them into reality. I used to think that as long as I take care of the present, the future will take care of itself. This is certainly true to a large extent, but can be helped along by consciously deciding what you want your future to look like. Taking time on a regular basis to ponder these dreams and taking small, but concrete steps towards them can have an alarmingly potent impact! Prepare to be amazed at how effective you can be.. Once you set your mind to it, just keep on taking those steps and you’re bound to get there 🙂

My new moon also welcomes my moon cycle once again.. This is a low energy time for me, where I tone everything down and really nurture myself as much as possible. Perfect timing for a quiet night in with my thoughts, planning a new month and a new year!

You can squirrel away your list of intentions in a secret place, or keep it out in the open to consult on a daily basis.. It’s up to you! Sometimes our intentions need to be shared with the world, sometimes we need to hold them close and quiet until they are ready to break free. You can always create a “public” and a “private” version if you don’t want your fam/other half/ housemates gawking at your dearest held dreams and desires.


How will you be celebrating the new moon?

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