Collective iHerb Haul and Review!

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Time for a beauty post! I have made 2 orders with iHerb recently, and decided to amalgamate them into one post of mini-reviews for you guys. iHerb is one of those sites where you can quickly become overwhelmed by the choice and range of products, which is why it’s so important for us bloggers to share what we discover. I know I rely on other beauty bloggers for their advice and trial-and-error in relation to many products.

The most recent order I made consisted mainly of face makeup. Basic items. I figured they would be the ones I got most wear out of, as my makeup routine is a 3-minute blur in the morning before I bike to work. Nothing fancy, just to make me look a bit more awake!

peach sake


peach sake blended
Starting with: Peach Sake Pore BB Cream by Skin Food. This Korean brand is one that I’ve heard of for years (they were established in 1957) but is new to the iHerb site. I doubt there are many natural ingredients in this product (the ingredients are unavailable online) so I’m regarding this as one of my “cheat” products – the ones that I don’t go to on a daily basis.

First Impressions:¬†Terrible for dry skin. As with most Asian cosmetics, it is formulated for an oily skin, which is the opposite of what I have. From photos online, it seemed to have a dewy finish.. boy was I wrong. Really dries out my skin throughout the day and leaves me feeling tight and flaky. ūüôĀ Pretty great colour match though. I will try mixing with moisturisers, etc and update ye.

Applies better with flat foundation brush (the traditional kind) rather than buffing brush, which drinks up all the product. Haven’t tried with a beauty blender yet.

Score: 2/5

everyday minerals 2n

Everyday Minerals – Semi Light Matte Base in 2N

This is entirely influenced by Brianna of iluvjesse444, whom we all know and love.

First Impressions:¬†I removed the sifter to get at the product. It’s pretty tightly packed in there, so the sifter was preventing anything from getting out. I used a fluffy blush brush to pop it all over more as a setting powder. We will see how the coverage pays off if I use it by itself. I think it will be for days when I have time to do a full face, as the loose powder thing is still a bit new to me and so I end up making a mess most of the time!

Score: too soon to tell

nude wear highlighter

Physician’s Formula – Nude Wear Touch of Glow Palette – Light

I picked this up as I am desperate for a good highlighter that doesn’t cost the earth. Unfortunately, the search continues.

First Impressions:¬†There is glitter on the top layer of this product, which hopefully isn’t throughout the rest of it. I am not a glitter-lover. I don’t like it on my face and I don’t like it in my highlighters.

So far, the glitter effect has lessened the more I use it, which is a good thing. The “glowy” factor is a bit lacking for my tastes, especially as it is a powder, so adding more makes it look chalky instead of dewy. I’m looking for that youthful, almost wet-look highlight. This gives me a subtle sparkle, verging on chalky.

I am yet to try it as an eyeshadow, as I really want to see how it performs when foiled. Keep posted for updates!

I do love the mirror in the rear of the packaging though, so that gives it points. Would I recommend purchasing? Nah. There are better products out there. I will continue to work with it now that I have it, though and make the most of it!

Score: 3/5

eyebrow pen

Etude House – Drawing Eye Brow – #2 gray brown

Wanted a quick and easy eyebrow solution for weekdays.

First Impressions:¬†I love this thing. It gives the perfect amount of sheer colour so you don’t look like you tattooed on your brows. You can build up the colour or apply like fine hairs in individual strokes. The pencil is thinner on on end for precision, or turn it sideways to get a full-brow look.

It doesn’t have a hint of redness, which I love. Warm-toned brows freak me out, unless they are on a redhead.

Handily, it comes with a spooly on the other end. Nuff said.

Score: 5/5

iherb haul

My penultimate haul was more of an all-rounder. It was a comfort-shopping moment of weakness. Sometimes we need a treat to look forward to.. I tend towards knitting and shopping online.

acure lotion

First up: Acure Organics – Calming Body Lotion – Lavender and Lotus Blossom

It’s been a while since I owned a body lotion. I am incredibly fussy about the texture of things that go on my skin. My body doesn’t have particularly dry skin, but I love the feel of pamering myself and enveloping myself in an all-over-body scentual experience.

First Impressions:¬†It’s a no from me. This product has the strangest texture. It’s as if as you rub it in, the alcohol evaporates and it sort of squeaks¬†on your skin. Have you ever tried to rub in moisturiser on slightly damp skin and it just won’t co-operate? This has a similar feel and experience.

The scent is suitable for night time with a strong hit of lavender. Who knows if I will ever get through this bottle? I keep it by my bedside in an attempt to force myself to use it up as fast as possible. Perhaps I would be better served passing it on to someone else.

Score: 1/5

Pacifica Bare Eye Pencil

Pacifica – Brightening Eye Pencil – Bare

I love these brightening skin coloured pencile. This one is holy grail.

First Impressions: I have actually been using this for a few weeks at this point and it is a step I never skip in my daily makeup routine. It is super brightening and foold people into thinking that I am wonderfully rested, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

It lasts all day in the waterline, can also define brows and is lip-safe if you want to line your lips with it or blank out your lip and overdraw.. Multi-purpose! They claim it can be used as a concealer (spot concealing etc) but I prefer something more creamy and blendable for that kind of shenanigans.


Score: 5/5

Revive Labs Mascara

Reviva Labs – Hypoallergenic Mascara

This is the only mascara that I have purchased in the last year. I keep coming back to it, because it performs so well and has such a low price point. It is awesome for minimal eye looks. If you want something with more oomph to hold its own in a darker eye look, you will need something else. This shines best against a nude or pale eyelid.

Review:¬†This is a working girl’s best friend. It stands up to unexpected tears, including SLICING ONIONS people. If you are looking for something that won’t smudge or budge, this guy is your champ.

I don’t wear any eye makeup to work and this make my lashes stand out. It is super black and adds the teeniest bit of volume and length.

The bottom line: It is hard-working, incredibly black, long-lasting and waterproof.

Score: 5/5


Eco Tools – Shower Puff

These pouffy shower doobobs are the easiest way to get the most from your soap/body wash. They lather like nothing else and help to exfoliate the skin.

Review:¬†The scrubby side is excellent for exfoliation, like a typical loofah. The elastic band can be flipped to either side so you don’t drop it (like I tend to as I love a vigorous scrub!) The pouffy side is a bit lacklustre and doesn’t lather as well as cheaper versions I’ve tried. Probably won’t repurchase.

Score: 2.5/5


Source Naturals – Coconut Oil – Virgin Organic

Impressions:¬†Great for baking, cooking, massage, makeup removal, hair treatments… Love this stuff.

Score: 5/5

Sin a bhfuil!

That’s Irish for “that’s all folks!”

Love and Light

Alanna xoxo

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