Why I Haven’t Bought a Cleanser In Over 1 Year

Happy Monday, guys! Hope you all are having a happy one 🙂 Today I am sharing a wonder skincare ingredient that you probably have in your kitchen right now! One of my absolute favourite things is finding ingredients from the kitchen that double as skincare. I love to keep it simple, affordable, and accessible.

Without further ado, introducing… Oats! Yes, your humble morning oatmeal is also magic for your skin. It has been well documented for soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, with many people taking baths with oatmeal for eczema or after a bad sunburn. This makes it the perfect ingredient for those with sensitive or allergic skin (depending on the allergies you have of course).


Everyone from LUSH to Aveeno are using oats as an ingredient in their best-selling skincare products, but I like to go directly to the source of the goodness!

I have been using this marvel as a cleanser on and off for years now. It makes my skin feel instantly soothed, brightened, soft and plump. No matter whether my skin is suffering from a dry spell, clogged pores or an active breakout, oats never fail to improve the situation! I cleanse with oats about every other day whenever I have a batch on the go. Along with oil cleansing, this is one of my favourite ways to freshen up my skin and take the day off.

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The How-To of Oat Cleansing

I prefer to grind up my oats in small batches to form an oat flour, as it absorbs water quickly and is not at all physically abrasive. A coffee or spice grinder works well, or you can try a blender or food processor if you have one handy. Blitz until it is milled as finely as you’d like, then store in a glass jar either in your shower or by your bathroom sink.

If you have no way to grind up your oats, whole oats work as well! They can just be a tad messier 😉

Begin by getting all your hair out of your face. This is important, as the oats will stick to your hair otherwise and are a PAIN to get out. Splash your face with water to get it damp.

Scoop out about a tablespoon of oats or oat powder into the palm of your hand. Gradually add warm water until it forms a paste, retaining as much water in your hands as possible.

Spread the oat paste on your fingers and gently massage it into your face. You can continue to massage for a few minutes, or rub it all over and let the oats sit for a bit as a mini face mask.

To remove, rinse gently with warm or cold water, getting as much off with your hands. Use a damp muslin cloth or face cloth to remove the rest of the residue.

Voila! Brand new skin.


Finish with a spritz of rose water or your favourite hydrosol and top it off with a lightweight serum or oil (I love primrose or rosehip).

Have you used oats in your skincare routine?

Peace and Light

Alanna xo

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