Wellbeing Wednesday! Sparking Joy

What is it for you that sparks joy? Can you find happiness in everyday objects? Do you cherish the lightness of air as you breathe in, the stillness after you exhale?

After recently coming across the “KonMarie Method” for organising and decluttering your home, I began to regard clutter and possessions a bit ¬†differently. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising guru who says that if an object “sparks joy,” then it has a place in your life, and if it doesn’t you should thank it and send it on its way. I began to wonder if the reason that I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of possessions I own is not actually related to the NUMBER of items but rather the QUALITY?

Expanding this concept from objects to include everything else.. Do you actively collect joyful moments and experiences? Surround yourself with people who make you shine, who you can share laughter with? Even our thought patterns could do with a clean up at times! I for one can easily get stuck in a negative thought spiral without even realising it. Surrounding myself with objects, people and experiences that spark joy could be the key to creating lasting and pervasive happiness, the kind that sustains you through dark times and is contagious to others.

This simple realisation has been having an increasingly profound impact on me. I can consciously choose joy, and I can infuse it into my life in tangible ways!

For me, this means choosing organic veggies over cheaper versions. This way I know that my food has been grown with love and care, for the planet and for those on it.

This means sitting on my deck whenever the sun is shining, or grabbing my camera to go for a walk. I love taking photos of beautiful moments, taking the time to notice small details.

This means relaxing to the sound of the rain on my windows as I fall asleep, imagining how happy my thirsty vegetable garden is – instead of worrying about whether I have to cycle to work in the rain the next morning.

This means reaching out to those I love when I am feeling lonely or upset, asking for help and allowing myself to be looked after and cared for – instead of trying to do it all by myself. (Typical type A!)

This means appreciating the things I own, treating them with care and respect – hanging up my clothes, washing the dishes after every meal, keeping the apartment tidy. It is also the reason that I like to bless my food before a meal.

This also means loving my body, appreciating how much it does for me that I take for granted. Nourishing myself with the best wholesome food, taking off my makeup every night religiously, listening when I need to push myself or when I need to ease off. Especially as women, our bodies keep a natural cycle and we can find such grace and ease when we accept and go with what our bodies are telling us at any moment.


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