Witchy Wednesday! DIY Makeup Experiments

Welcome to my witchy wednesday segment! I hope nobody is offended by the title, I just thought it topical what with Halowe’en coming up… I completely respect witches both real and fictional and this is my little foray into toiling over a cauldron (or in my case a teacup) of goodies. My long-awaited Vitacost order arrived in the post yesterday, so today I decided to get creative in the kitchen making some cream cosmetics. To play with, I now have: shea butter (I have missed this in my life), apricot oil, neem oil and rosehip oil. I am considering sourcing a small quantity of cacao butter as well, as that’s my preferred butter to work with for lip products and it smells AMAZING!

Ialso picked up some beeswax from one of my local organic stores, it is poured into moulds by one of my local beekeepers who sells honey at the saturday market. I love the idea that my beeswax is locally produced, perhaps even by a little bee I have met in my garden. Wax is an indispensable ingredient when experimenting with creating your own cosmetics or skincare. I have heard candelilla wax is a good option, particularly for vegans, however beeswax is more accessible to me!

As I mentioned in my Brija haul, I would love to try out the You Know Who… highlighter in a cream format. I am still experimenting with the ratios of waxes and butters, as the version I made came out too hard and waxy. I reformulated 3 times, so I don’t know how much products total I used! I mixed beeswax, shea butter and some apricot oil. I certainly need more pigment than I expected for it to show up when applied, so it’s all a work in progress. Possibly 1tsp wax, 2tsp shea butter, 6 drops apricot oil, 1 tsp pigment. Something like that, but I will revise it.

I made one cream eyeshadow, mixing some Brija YKW, Silk Naturals Sunkissed and Silk Naturals Scene Stealer. This one came out the best texture wise, as I added some more apricot oil to give it more slip. The pigment is pretty minimal, it’s possible I might even need to use a whole jar of eyeshadow to convert to a pressed eyeshadow pan’s worth of cream shadow.

I also tried my hand at an eyeshadow primer, using beeswax, shea butter and some Everyday Minerals Base semi matte mineral foundation.

All of the pans are still setting, so I will trial them tomorrow and keep you posted as I go along! Do any of you like to experiment with makeup and skincare? What are your favourite DIY’s or something you would love to see me make?

Peace and Light

Alanna xo

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