How To Find Your Life Purpose

Let’s start a real conversation. Although many of us lead very privileged and comfortable lives, there is a sense that something is missing. With so many choices available to us, we are quickly overwhelmed – it can be easy to miss our true purpose. We are taught that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, but how often do we stop and spend time doing what makes us feel fulfilled and happy?

There is no one else who can define your life. Only you have the power to create change, especially the change needed to follow your dreams. Success means something different to everyone, so begin by defining what that means to you. What does your ideal life look like?

Create a map towards your dream life by asking yourself these questions:

What values do you stand for?

What are you doing on the daily to align yourself with these values?

What makes you feel most alive?

When was the last time you did it?

What is your dearest ambition, dream or goal?

What skills do you have, or wish you had?

What do you get up for in the morning?

One thing you would love to do, but haven’t gotten around to… yet? (What are you waiting for)

When was the last time you read something, or spoke to someone that challenged your world view?

If money wasn’t an issue, how would you spend your time?


Take this as a jumping off point.


Be ready to sit with yourself and allow everything to come up. Let your imagination run wild and free! Scribble, sketch, type, paint or do whatever feels natural to you – just allow yourself completely free reign. You don’t have to answer all of the above questions, but use them as a means for inspiration, to start the ball rolling on your brainstorming.

Every brilliant invention started as a spark, an idea, a thought that someone acted upon. You can start something wonderful, too.

Peace and Light,


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