all we have is the now

All We Have Is The Now

We often arrange the elements of our perfect lives inside our heads. Perhaps if we had a perfectly designed and clutter-free house then our inner world would become orderly and peaceful. Perhaps if we had enough money for a designer wardrobe then we would feel love towards our beautiful selves. Perhaps if we met the perfect person we would feel complete, riding off into the sunset to live in a castle with our prince.

Are these stories true?

The truth is that all of these are projections. Smoke and mirrors to keep your busy mind occupied.

We plan meticulous details for weddings, or Christmas and birthdays, sensing the singular importance of these occasions. Regardless of plans, we cannot predict the chaos and the colours, the messiness of ripped-open parcels or the riotous sounds of laughter and quarrels breaking out.

Yet, these things happen and make beautiful moments. They cannot be planned or forced; only created spontaneously in the now.

We store up memories, holding on and keeping them with us. Choosing moments – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly – that we feel are important. We keep them as part of ourselves. The painful memories are us. The joyful memories are us. They belong to us – but the moments they represent have gone from us.

We cannot reach into the past and change what happened, or live it over again.

If you look closely at some of these memories, you will see that they are not who you are now. They are like old clothes that you have grown too big for, but choose to keep wearing. The past can try to gain power over the present, guiding and overseeing the choices we make in the now. Only when we shed these ragged old garments can we clothe ourselves in the magnificence of the now.

Life goes on, either dragging us along while we cling to the past, or holding us back while we wish it would get a move on. We romanticise the past and the future.. But we rarely romanticise the present moment.

It’s ironic, because it is the only place we have any power. It is where we act.

All we have is the now.

We see ourselves as dots on a timeline, travelling inexorably forward. We cannot touch the past, even with memories – it has gone. We cannot see the future, even with our fears and hopes – it is unpredictable.

All we have is the now.

How many of us are really willing to live fully in the now?

When will you be ready?

Being open to the power and spontaneity of the present moment is a huge gift. You can give this gift to yourself at any time.

Any moment, you can choose to meet the now, with consciousness.

There is you, and there is the present moment.

Meet and marry the present moment.

Fuse together and create something beautiful, now.

All we have is the now.

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