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Self-care is a huge topic. There are so many different aspects to it, and realistically we all need a unique and individual self-care regimen. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to self-care.


So what is self-care, and why is it even a thing? Surely we all intuitively know how to take care of ourselves? 


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In fact, some people are blessed to know exactly what they need to care for themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. They don’t even consider it to be self-care – to them, it is simply common sense. My partner is one such person. The idea of self-care being something that a person must LEARN is completely foreign to him.


On the other hand, I learned about self-care the hard way. I came from a very indulged childhood, where I was very comfortable, safe and cared for. As a highly sensitive child, I did not know how to deal with many of the strong emotions I experienced. I am also an introvert, which means that I am usually very keenly aware of my internal state of affairs.


As I grew up, I noticed several things. The world seemed to be a difficult place to navigate while I was reacting emotionally to every situation. Spending time with people exhausted me and I didn’t know how to manage my energy or my boundaries.


Emotional & Mental Awareness

Over time I learned to use my emotional awareness and sensitivity to start monitoring my own emotional wellbeing. I decided to stop judging myself for being so emotional, and to stop being a victim of my emotions. I started to see them for what they are: e-motions. Energy in motion. I learned to acknowledge the feelings as they came up, give them space and allow them to run their course. I felt the energy in the emotion and explored the trigger that gave rise to the emotion. I learned about myself. I allowed my emotions to be there, and I started to gradually outgrow them. I am no longer overpowered by strong emotions.


I followed a similar path for my mental wellbeing. I started to become very aware of where my thoughts meandered. If I didn’t like the direction they were taking me, I stopped that train of thought. It takes a lot of energy at the start to STOP when you can feel the pull of thoughts wanting to take you over. Practice made my willpower stronger. I decided to stop allowing negative thoughts to predominate my mind. I started using positive affirmations, and looking for silver linings. I started to communicate more openly, rather than let mistaken interpretation of someone else’s behaviour trigger my negative thinking habit.




When you get to a place of solid and supportive framework in your mental and emotional wellbeing, life flows much easier. There is less resistance, and you are more resilient. If I have learned anything, it is that:






Take Responsibility

Self-Care takes responsibility. My self-care for years comprised of learning about myself, of undoing years of negative thinking and of forming positive thought and emotional habits. You must work on these basics if you want to truly experience the benefits of self-care on a daily basis.


Slowly, my self-care evolved to include more detailed and luxurious things. As I learned about myself, I began to understand with more clarity what I need on a daily basis to take care of myself. Your journey will be different, but similar. You will uncover things about yourself, your beliefs, your habits and your patterns. You will discover the things you are passionate about, that you want to spend your energy on. You will strengthen your intuition and you will begin to KNOW what you need for your self-care.


Make Time For Self-Care

Make time every single day for self-care. Do something that you love. For me, that would be writing, practicing yoga, doing my makeup or drinking a cup of hot chocolate while watching YouTube. For my partner, it would be surfing, gardening, walking on the beach or going for a run. We all have different needs. We all need to make time for nurturing the aspects of ourselves that make us unique and that make us special.


Never forget that you are completely unique in this world. You have something unique to share with the world and you deserve to give yourself the best care that you can. You deserve that, simply by existing.


What are your self-care rituals? Is there one thing that you do every day to nurture your Self? 


Share below!


Peace and Light,


Alanna x

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