Gratitude Attracts Abundance

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I truly, truly believe in and practice the power of abundance through gratitude. A few years ago, a friend of mine had been going through some tough financial times. He was struggling to make ends meet when he discovered the power of gratitude. After using some simple practices, he realised the profound impact that gratitude can have. He introduced the concept to me, saying that gratitude had CHANGED HIS LIFE and attracted abundance in ways that he had never anticipated.


At that time, I did not understand what he was talking about. I was happy for him and intrigued by the idea, but I did not really believe that gratitude could attract abundance.


Shortly after that talk, I read a book called “the secret.” I have since come across The Law of Attraction in many other books, videos, audio recordings and in person. Slowly I began to realise that it was this same principle, The Law of Attraction, that my friend had used to manifest his abundance.


We all have a personal frequency. Have you ever noticed how some people just seem lucky? They always win at raffles, or find money on the street… Perhaps they always find the best parking spots, or find the item they wanted on sale. These little signs are not coincidences. They arrive for you when you expect them to show up.


Think about the aristocratic and wealthy classes in our world. Many are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and are programmed from a young age to EXPECT wealth, to EXPECT abundance, to EXPECT to get what they want. These people have learned to tune into the frequency of abundance and quite often they do grow up to create their own wealth and attract exactly what they desire.


Here’s why gratitude helps to raise your personal frequency to attract abundance:


Gratitude is a powerful magnet. Once you begin to cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards what you already have, you automatically start to attract abundance to yourself. The more powerful your gratitude, the more powerful your attraction.


We know from a scientific standpoint that what we practice grows stronger. Professor Shauna Shapiro of Santa Clara University gave an excellent TED talk on the topic: how mindfulness grows stronger with practice. She talks a bit more about the neuroscience behind “practice makes perfect.” Our brains really DO learn through repetition, creating new pathways and connections over time.


So many people are seeking wealth and abundance in different forms. We live in a monetary economy – it’s pretty inescapable unless you take yourself off to the woods to live in a tree and forage berries. But why is gratitude such a strong force for attracting abundance?


Think of gratitude as a two-way street. It connects you and the object of your gratitude. Imagine a golden thread of connection between you and everything that you are grateful for in life. Your gratitude keeps these connections open, bright and positive. The more gratitude you send out, the stronger your connection to those objects of gratitude (it could be people, sensations, physical objects or experiences). Your brain will start to associate good feelings with those things. It will try to seek more of them to replicate more of the feeling of gratitude.


This process primes you to actively AND subconsciously seek out that for which you are grateful for.


In other words, you turn into a gratitude generator.


By cultivating gratitude, you are actively reprogramming your brain. You are encouraging serotonin (happy hormone) into your system and starting to create strong, positive pathways in your brain. Gratitude journaling has been shown to improve mental health, create healthy sleep patterns, improved immune and cardiovascular systems!!! (what?!) It really is a profound and impactful practice.



Thanksgiving season is coming up very soon, and while I don’t live in America, it’s a cultural phenomenon that impacts the rest of the world. For better or worse,¬† Black Friday Sales are now a global shopping spree! Personally, I love to celebrate gratitude at this time of year. There is also the Christmas Holidays looming in the not-too-distant future. This time of year, for me, really invites me to focus on what I am grateful for.


While some despair at the commercialism of the holiday season, especially because of the financial pressure it places on families, I take a different view. I love to spoil my family. I am so lucky and grateful to be able to present them with gifts and see their joy. In fact, my family is spread over 4 different countries, so it is only every few years that we all get to gather together and celebrate.


In the past, when I have been unable to afford gifts for anyone, everyone has understood.


It didn’t take away from the holidays in any way. We still enjoyed food, company, Harry Potter movies and all the usual shenanigans. You absolutely do not need to spend a fortune on your loved ones in order to show your love. Everything from bringing them a cup of tea, going for a walk to the beach together, or baking their favourite treat is an act of love and a gift in itself.


When someone receives a gift, their brain can produce oxytocin. That’s right. The cuddle hormone. The one that makes you feel happy and squishy inside. And it doesn’t have to be a mink coat or a mercedes… It is linked to gratitude in that the person receiving has just been made to feel loved, valid, appreciated and ultimately¬†thanked¬†just for their existence. Just for being them.


So, in summation, your gratitude is not only GOOD FOR YOU, it can also be good for other people, too. Gratitude really is a two-way street and I firmly believe that everything you are grateful for receives a positive benefit from the light of your appreciation.


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