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Hi, I’m Alanna Clerkin.


I’m a Yoga teacher who is dedicated to “Yoga as a state of mind.” My huge passion is in using Yoga Philosophy as a tool to live happy. What does that mean? In short, it is adapting an ancient philosophy for modern life. Finding peace of mind in a busy, distracting world. Searching for meaning and depth without having to leave your day job. Dedicating to your true self, and whatever spirituality means to you, without undermining the other priorities in your life.


This blog started as an extension of my YouTube channel, and is evolving into a space of its own. I love to write, to share my thoughts, to interact with strangers who feel like friends. It is a creative outlet for me and I am often inspired and motivated to create more beauty and fun thanks to this blog.



Infin8bliss. I included the 8 as a symbol of infinity – the endless cycle, without beginning or end. Infinite bliss, infinite joy, infinite possibilities. The concept of “infinite bliss” comes from the Sanskrit word ananda – meaning “beyond bliss.” It describes that state of unity with everything, beyond ideas of personal pleasure – the state of unified consciousness.


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Love and Light,



CONTACT Email:  alanna@infin8bliss.com

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