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Hi, I’m Alanna Clerkin.

Bliss Bites is my bi-monthly, unconventional newsletter. It’s a little bit of what I fancy at the moment – and I think you will, too. You’ll find tidbits like what I’m currently working on, inspiring people or podcasts I’m listening to, or freebies and cool stuff that I’ve found on the internet. The topics can range from self-care to creative thinking, feelgood stories or thought-provoking articles.


I’m a Yoga teacher who is dedicated to “Yoga as a state of mind.” My huge passion is in using Yoga Philosophy as a tool to live happy. What does that mean? In short, it is adapting an ancient philosophy for modern life. Finding peace of mind in a busy, distracting world. Searching for meaning and depth without having to leave your day job. Dedicating to your true self, and whatever spirituality means to you, without undermining the other priorities in your life.


A Different Kind of Newsletter

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