Collective iHerb Haul and Review!

Time for a beauty post! I have made 2 orders with iHerb recently, and decided to amalgamate them into one post of mini-reviews for you guys. iHerb is one of those sites where you can quickly become overwhelmed by the choice and range of products, which is why it’s so important for us bloggers to […]

Bohochic Cosmetics: Haul and Review

Bohochic Cosmetics was started by Yeiza Reyes, green beauty blogger and nature lover! Check out her blog here. Her first collection is inspired by the various rainbow shades of flowers, and is called Flower Head. It comes in an adorable carry bag with the logo stitched on! Her company is vegan, cruelty free and created […]

Going Nude! Flawless skin without makeup.

My boyfriend recently pointed out to me how dangerous it can be to encourage women to look outside themselves for their own beauty. To normalise the act of covering up, with makeup, how our faces look. To subtly acquiesce and collude with the brutal “beauty” industry by preying on and amplifying (perhaps even creating new) insecurities […]

Skincare Spotlight: Myroo

If there’s one thing I love, it’s simple skincare. I am very selective about what I put on my skin, and I appreciate beautifully crafted, thoughtful skincare lines. I recently won these products in a blog giveaway on Sarah’s beautiful blog Sugarpuffish. She writes about natural and organic beauty with a focus on allergy- and eczema-friendly […]

Haul: Silk Naturals

Since I have been travelling for the past few months, I haven’t worn a stitch of makeup on my face. I am very comfortable in my skin and don’t feel the need to wear makeup all the time, especially when travelling and sweating in intense heat!! However, as soon as I begin to feel a […]

Review: Sponsored by the Universe

I have a story about these products. My mom and I were walking into the supermarket for our weekly groceries, when I spied these two laying in an abandoned shopping trolley outside. I guessed they were empty, so strolled on past. An hour later as we came out, my mom wandered over to the trolley […]

Beauty Basics

Here are a few of my current beauty faves: the basics that make up my shower and skincare routine! I picked up this soap at my local organic supermarket because it was made here in Australia and smells AMAZING! Bar soaps are my preferred shower accoutrement recently, as they tend to have gentler ingredients and […]