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The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Mono-Tasking

Here’s the thing. Monotaskers get shit done. “Multitasking contributes to the release of stress hormones and adrenaline, which can cause long-term health problems if not controlled, and contributes to the loss of short-term memory” – In her article, The Myth of Multitasking, Christine Rosen was referring to a study by psychologist David Meyer on the […]

Good Time Management = More Joy

I once came across a quote that changed my life. “We all have as many hours in our day as Beyonce.” I know, I know – sounds super lame, right? Well, replace Beyonce with any name that inspires you: Mahatma Gandhi, J.K. Rowling, Mickey Mouse – whoever floats your boat! It still holds true – […]

Wellbeing Wednesday! Sparking Joy

What is it for you that sparks joy? Can you find happiness in everyday objects? Do you cherish the lightness of air as you breathe in, the stillness after you exhale? After recently coming across the “KonMarie Method” for organising and decluttering your home, I began to regard clutter and possessions a bit  differently. Marie […]