Mini 7 Day Monotasking Challenge

What is monotasking?

Monotasking is the practice of doing one thing at a time, with full concentration on the task at hand.


Why monotask?

Monotasking makes life easier.

It banishes procrastination.

It decreases stress.

It increases productivity.

Monotasking improves time management and work/life balance.

It increases focus and concentration.

It improves the quality of your work.

It brings you into the present moment.


Is this challenge for me?

This challenge is suitable for:

Complete beginners at monotasking

Dabblers who want to become more established with monotasking

Monotaskers who want a challenge

Monotaskers looking for more ways to implement the technique

Anyone curious about monotasking

Everyone who wants to increase productivity while decreasing stress


What other technique have you heard of that allows you to be more productive while AT THE SAME TIME decreasing stress and making life easier? All you need do is switch from the mayhem of multitasking to the magic of monotasking. No matter what your profession or vocation, monotasking can come to your aid. It is a simple, yet profound technique. It has many more benefits to the monotasker than I have named here, and you will discover these for yourself as you apply the technique.


The Challenge

The Mini Monotasking Challenge is a 7 day crash course in monotasking. I will send you a different action each day, along with an explanation about why we are doing this. The aim is to cultivate an attitude of monotasking. It will give you a taste of some of the many various ways you can include monotasking in your daily life. Not all of these are work-related.

All you need to begin is curiosity and a spirit of willingness to try. You can dedicate as much time as you like to each challenge. Some days there will be guidelines given for the amount of time. Always feel free to tailor these to your own schedule. Monotasking is a tool that should serve you. It should not make your life more difficult, although it may take some time to adjust to the technique.

You will want to spread monotasking to all areas of your life once you have gotten used to it! You will notice more and more benefits over time with consistent monotasking. It is a method that is very consistent with its rewards if you are consistent with your practice.


Keep in mind that it is what you do every single day, not every once in a while, that makes a difference. Small, consistent steps add up. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. 10 minutes of meditation daily will get you farther than a 10 day silent meditation once a year, with nothing else in between. Do a little bit. Do what you can. Make it manageable. Make it fun.

Challenge accepted.

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